A more sustainable approach

Reducing costs, being more efficient and cutting waste are important to us, because they bring benefits to our community and customers. We strive to find new and more sustainable ways of doing things. And we know that working together delivers the best results.

An example of this is a new pothole repair called Degafillâ„¢. Following a demonstration of the product by a local company to the Peterborough Highway Services team, a trial was undertaken at two locations. This was successful and it is now being used at specific sites across Peterborough. It works by flowing into voids near the road surface and hardens to form a durable repair. It also lasts longer than conventional methods.

This product reduces the need for traffic management systems, which means less disruption to motorists, as well as saving time and money. 

To maximise the environmental benefit of all the activities carried out under the contract, the Peterborough Highway Services team uses the 10 One Planet Living principles. By adopting these principles, the team has been successful in winning a number of awards, these include:

  • Green Awards 2014, overall contribution to the Environment Capital Award
  • Green Apple Award 2016
  • Bronze in the 2016 Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Workplace Travel Plan Awards