Using our expertise to deliver your requirements

Over the last two years, the Peterborough Highway Services team has built up a strong reputation and proven track record of delivering innovative solutions that save customer's time and money.

Now, the team not only undertakes work for Peterborough City Council, but also works for other local authorities across the UK as well as companies in and around Peterborough. Some examples are:

  • The supply and installation of street lighting packages, including cabling and all associated testing and commissioning
  • The pre-maintenance work on the Stanground Bypass, working with Peterborough City Council’s highways and drainage control team – on behalf of a private client
  • The resurfacing of car parks
  • The design and build for residential and industrial roads to meet local authority standards
  • Winter maintenance, including gritting private roads and car parks
  • The design for sustainable urban drainage
  • The Peterborough Highway Services team is very experienced at looking after its customer's assets. We drew on their knowledge and worked together to deliver some key improvement works to the city's network ...


  • From the early stages of planning through to designing constructing and finally operating and maintaining the asset, the team works with all stakeholders involved and where they can, they bring innovative ideas that ensure the work is delivered on time and within budget.


    John Richards, Senior Engineer, Cambridge City Council

Reducing costs, being more efficient and cutting waste are important to us, because they bring benefits to our community and clients.  We strive to find new and more sustainable ways of doing things.

It’s our responsibility to ensure that every person who works for the Peterborough Highways Services team returns home safely at the end of each working day.